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Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd is a research and development company, which specializes in the manufacture of radar detector detectors ( RDDs) and was established in 1998.

In 1997 a study was commissioned on the feasibility of producing a radar detector detector for the various traffic authorities through out Australia. After consultation with a number of specialists in the field of RF microwave design and engineering 3 proto types were constructed. These units were tested in early 1998 by Byron Bay HWP in New South Wales. It was soon realized that the equipment the police had been using previous to this time was now obsolete and that there was a need for a more modern device. A further 15 units were produced based on the original 3 prototypes and these were quickly purchased by traffic police in Australia.

Early photographs of Prototype RDDs with first mounting system in Queensland, Australia

In order to hold the position of market leader in this field and to fulfil market demands Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd set about designing and producing a smaller, lighter RDD. By employing the latest high grade US surface mount microwave technology Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd was able to produce the lightest and most compact RDD available at that time. Weighing in at less than 500 grams with its own unique 360-degree aluminium mount this unit is still the smallest commercially available RDD today!

One of the first Stalcar RDD A/C 2 photographs taken during testing.

After a 12-month trial the Stalcar RDD A/C 2 was released to the Australian market. This model was so successful Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd began to receive inquiries from police departments overseas. After several successful trials in the US and Canada the Spectre RDD was purchased there by traffic authorities in order to enforce anti-radar detector legislation (because of trademark concerns in the US the unit was renamed Spectre RDD for the export market).

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