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  1. Aluminium windscreen mount
    This is our very latest improvement for all Spectre/ Stalcar RDD mounting. Designed by Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd and Samin Sheetmetal Pty Ltd, Australia. Fitting and removing the RDD from a patrol car is a breeze using this new mount. Mounting directly under the rear vision mirror makes for easy target identification by the 360 degree rotation of this unique mount. The mount is also now adjustable between windscreen angles of 20 degrees through to 40 degrees with a maximum error of 2 degrees. The windscreen angle adjustment will be beneficial for CVE units that use light trucks as enforcement vehicles. Engineer approved to withstand 20Gs in any direction this is with out a doubt the best mounting system available for an RDD. Supplied with all necessary hardware including 8 mm nylon bolt and polycarbonate spacers. (P/N 4342)

  2. Angle Bracket.
    The angle bracket and knurl nut will fit any Spectre RDD Mk IV or IV + suction cup mounting system. This bracket is ideally suited to patrol vehicles used by CVE units which have a high windscreen angle. The addition of the angle bracket allows another plane of adjustment to bring the RDD back to a level position. (P/N 346)

  3. Suction Cups (for aluminium mount)
    To ensure optimum performance of the aluminium mount the suction cups must be replaced on an annual basis. (P/N 044)

  4. Bottom mount.
    For police vehicles with accessories already fitted under the rear vision mirror. This mount is designed to be fitted directly to a platform on the vehicle dash. The mount has one centre bolt to allow rotation of the RDD once fitted to the dash platform. Supplied with all necessary hardware. (P/N 045)

  5. Power Cables.
    Never use your RDD with a damaged power cable and always replace it with a genuine part. These cables are coaxial in construction to keep RF signals generated with in the police vehicle from interfering with your RDD. Supplied with both front and rear strain relief. Available in a variety of lengths. (P/N 034) Please state length when ordering.

  6. Dual Polarized Antenna: (for Euro models only).
    Similar to the technology used in satellite receivers, the dual polarized antenna enables the reception of signals in both the vertical or horizontal plane. The reception of these signals (vertically or horizontally polarized leakage) is now made possible with out the usual high loss on one plane. (P/N POL-1).

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