Article reproduced in full courtesy of Diana Cozadinos at The Bay Post.


TOP DETECTOR: Sergeant Rob Young with some of the confiscated detectors and the “detector detector” that caught them all.

Do the radar maths

Tuesday, 18 January 2005

BUYING a radar detector to avoid speeding fines is not only illegal, but it simply doesn't make any financial sense, according to Highway Patrol Sergeant Rob Young.
The detectors can cost between $500 and $1500, an amount already higher than most speeding fines.

Add to this a $1200 fine for being caught with one, plus another $1200 if the owner refuses to surrender the machine, and they could end up paying up to 10 times the cost of a speeding ticket.

Sgt Young said the majority of radar detectors his officers had confiscated were made by a number of popular electronics brands and usually came from America or elsewhere overseas.

"The brands may make them seem legitimate, but radar detectors are illegal in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland," he said.

"It is an offence to offer any speed evasion article for sale, to stand a vehicle or drive a vehicle with one or to fail to surrender one."

Batemans Bay Highway Patrol are now armed with the latest technology, the Stalcar Radar Detector Detector, and Sgt Young said the units had paid for themselves over the last two months, with about a dozen radar detectors confiscated and motorists fined.

"When the holiday-makers come down, that's when we collect a lot of the detectors," Sgt Young said.

"We have the latest equipment to deal with all radar detectors - those who use them will be caught."

There is no caution for first-time offenders, only fines, and the confiscated detectors are literally smashed to pieces, giving the owners no hope of claiming them back.

For the record, flashing oncoming motorists to warn them of speed traps is also illegal and is classed as "unlawful use of headlights".

"It can be seen in a positive light that police are out there being seen," Sgt Young said.

"In a negative light, we want to get the rev heads off the road and these people are stopping us from doing our job."

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