Environmental Considerations

Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd is acutely aware of damage to the envirnoment caused by the manufacture of specialized electronic equipment such as radar detector detectors. Consequently, the company has started to put into place some environmentally friendly courses of action. Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd will continue to further improve its environmental credentials in the future with planned increases in clean electricity generation and further recycling programs. So far the three points below have been accomplished:

  • Recycled Packaging: All of Stealth Microsystems products supplied to the Australian market are packed and shipped in recycled packaging. Where possible in coming packaging is saved and re used for outgoing export products.
  • Lead Free Construction (RoHS): All Spectre RDDs for both the Australian market and the export market are now manufactured using lead free solder. This includes all boards, components, and power cables.
  • Electricity: Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd currently uses approximately 5 KWH of electricity each working day. This electricity consumption is used for the final assembly and commissioning of RDDs, warranty work, repairs, and proto typing. Spectrum analyzers, soldering irons, de-soldering stations, and oscilloscopes make up the bulk of this electricity consumption.

With this in mind Stealth Microsystems has recently employed the Solar Guys to install a Photo-Voltaic Array generating an average of 6.9 KWHs (and up over 10 KWHs / day when weather conditions permit) of green electricity / day. Stealth Microsystems was the first company in Queensland to use the latest Aurora PV inverter from Magnetek. Using this advanced technology Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd now exports any unused green electricity directly into the grid.

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Jan. 2010
Further Recycle Programs
1. As in the original environmental statement, Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd has now implemented further recycling programs. This includes the recycling of all polystyrene packing received from both overseas and local suppliers. Please see attached photograph of recycled polystyrene being exported in a shipment bound for the USA.

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2. Completed circuit boards are supplied to Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd in anti static bags. These are now being cleaned of packing tape and recycled. By supplying the cleaned anti static bags back to Surtek Pty Ltd literally hundreds of these bags are now kept from landfill.

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Electric Bike
Introduction: In 1997, the Integrated Regional Transport Plan (IRTP) for South East Queensland recognised a need to place greater emphasis on efficient, environmentally friendly modes of transport. The Queensland Government has set a 2011 target of 8% of all trips to be made by bicycle. To coincide with this target the Brisbane City Council (BCC) has an action plan currently in place for a massive increase in Bikeways and associated infrastructure in Brisbane.

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To further our policy of support for US based manufacturing (an FTA now exists between USA and Australia) and to reduce our carbon footprint further Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd has purchased one of the very latest E+ electric bikes from the EMS Electric Bike company of Virginia. The E + electric MTB is a truly revolutionary development in electric push bike technology. Limited to 200 watts for use on Australian roads, this bike boasts regenerative electric braking and re charging of its battery pack when travelling down hill! Extra re charging if required for the electric bike battery pack is supplied courtesy of our excess green electricity from the PV Solar Array. If the electric bike battery pack requires a full re charge it works out to less than 40 cents !!!! Range on a full battery with out any pedalling is approximately 30 kilometres.

It is common knowledge that petrol powered vehicles consume a greater amount of fuel when initially starting up from cold. This higher consumption (and higher pollution) continues until normal operating temperature is reached and in most cases this is around 5 kilometres. It is therefore wise to try and limit short trips even in our fuel efficient Toyota Prius.

Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd now uses the electric bike for all daily trips with in a 5 kilometre radius of the companies manufacturing facility. In the majority of cases using a push bike on short trips along Brisbane's bikeways is just as quick as a car when considering traffic, traffic lights, and finding parking. Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd expects to significantly reduce its fuel costs and therefore its carbon footprint further in 2010 due to the use of this electric bike. The company is also hopeful of reaching the 2011 target of 8% of all trips set down by the state government in the IRTP.

Hybrid Vehicle: Striving further with our environmental policy Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd was one of the very first companies in Queensland to take delivery of a new petrol / electric hybrid vehicle. The 3rd generation Prius I Tech from Toyota is a truly remarkable motor car able to achieve fuel economy figures of just 3.9 litres / 100 Kms. It is the only vehicle available today that has a US certified EPA rating of 50 miles / gallon. With these impressive figures, this fuel sipping vehicle releases just 89 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre traveled. Ultimately, Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd is aiming to take delivery of a plug in electric (PEV) vehicle when they become available. We will then re charge this vehicle with green electricity generated by increasing the solar array system featured in the above text.

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17/04/09. Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd has now completed its first full quarter with the PV Array in operation. We are pleased to announce that during the period 23rd December 2008 to 24th March 2009 all electricity used by Stealth Microsystems was green electricity generated by the PV Array shown above in the photos. In fact Stealth Microsystems actually exported a total of 239 kWhs of green power which was generated by the PV Array in excess to our needs. In total, the PV array that Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd commissioned with the Solar Guys in October of last year has now generated over 1000 kWhs of green electricity.

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