Approximately 50 police services through out the world now trust the leading technology of Stealth Microsystems radar detector detectors. The company prides itself on customer satisfaction and also supplying and producing a product line of unparalleled quality. To ensure this quality, only the highest grade US manufactured microwave oscillators, mixers, and amplifiers are used in the heart of our Spectre RDD. In fact, a large number of the components for the Spectre RDD are sourced from companies in the USA. These include Motorola, National Semi-Conductor, Lansdale, Microwave Associates, and Hammond to name a few.

Australian manufacturers also play an important role in the production of the Spectre RDD. Companies such as Surtek Pty Ltd, our board designer and manufacturer s list of quality controls now exceeds the ISO 9000 standard. For further information go to

From its proven track record with police services around the world, to its compact design and outstanding performance against the latest radar detectors you can't go past the Spectre RDDs. The choice is easy, contact Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd through this web site for your local distributor.

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